Solve a 4 x 4 Master Cube, Sharpen 6 World Skills INR 4000.00

  • Sharpen mind skills
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    02 April 2022
  • End Date

    03 April 2022
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  • Course Highlights

    In this experience, you will:
    + Learn/Practice 6-Step Method
    + Solve A 4 x 4 Master Cube Puzzle
    + Sharpen 6 Problem Solving Skills

    Solve The Master Cube and Sharpen 6 Problem Solving Skills, is an enhanced experience for those who have solved the Rubik cube. You will learn a 6 step method to solve a larger puzzle that has over 7 point 4 Quattuordecillion ways to scramble. You will sharpen six in-demand world skills, namely, Critical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving, Systems Analysis and Design, Technology Design and Programming, plus Judgement and Decision Making. To book your online or offline experience, contact us now!

    The experience - "Solve The 4 x 4 Master Cube and Sharpen 6 World Skills", is an easy paced and suitable for all learners from 13-80 years of age who have the curiosity and desire to learn and upskill. It is the next level to my course "Solve The Rubik Cube and Sharpen 6 World Skills". Please take this course first if you haven't already done it.

    The experience is divided into sections, with each have a step-by-step approach to learning. The experience is made interesting as well as valuable for users who will gain a sense of accomplishment from the outcome of solving the Master Cube as well as having sharpened 6 world skills of immense value.

    This experience is a part of “Happy Skills”- a personality and skills developemt program for everyone to learn and upskill. This program and its modules are in sync with the guidance and recommendations of several national policy initiatives and global research recommendations. These include the NEP 2020, Delors Report, WHO Life Skills, OECD, P21, ACS, UNESCO Working Paper, World Economic Forum and CBSE 21st Century Skills Handbook. All rights reserved by Valurevolution.

  • Trainer's Bio

    Sunil Tatkar is the founder of Valurevolution - recognized by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry for Education & Skilling. He is a military boarding school alumnus and a 1990 mechanical engineer graduate from VJTI, Mumbai.

    Sunil as over 30+ years of experience as a professional and entrepreneur in varied functional roles across several business and technology enterprises. Sunil is also a ...Read More

  • Batch Details

    Batch No. Days Timings Age Group
    1 Sunday,Saturday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 5-17yrs, 18-35yrs, 36-55yrs
  • Pre-requisites :

    Minimum 10 learners need to be registered in a batch. Learners need to have a 4 x 4 Master Cube. 2. Learners need to be familiar with the 3 x 3 Rubik Cube Solution. If not, you can easily upskill yourself for the same from my course "Solve The Rubik Cube To Sharpen 6 World Skills". Online course requirements of good Internet connectivity, audio-video.