Solve Public Speaking Tangle-Sharpen Communication INR 4000.00

  • Communications
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    26 March 2022
  • End Date

    27 March 2022
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  • Course Highlights

    In this experience, you will:
    + Know & Improve Voice Mechanism
    + Practice Ethos Pathos Logos for Confident-Effective Public Speech
    + Sharpen 6 Communication Skills

    Communication is a vital skill. It helps you successfully navigate real life situations such as coordinating with your family, or collaborating with your friends or being service oriented to your guests or displaying leadership and social influence during your school, college or workplace activities or even while negotiating a desired outcome or being empathetic and emotionally intelligent while facing a tough situation anywhere.

    Building your communication++ skills helps you to confidently express yourself in real life opportunities such as public speaking, acting, drama, training, mentoring, as well as personal branding.

    In this experience, participants will be able to confidently able to sharpen these essentials by experientially solving the Public Speaking Tangle & Sharpening 6 World Skills namely Communication & Collaboration, Coordinating with others, Emotional Intelligence, Service Orientation, Negotiation, Leadership & Social Influence.

    This experience is suitable for all participants who have the curiosity and desire to learn and up-skill their communication & collaboration interactions in several forms and forums.

    Experience Value Examples
    Personal branding & Public Speaking are both crucial and important elements of "Communication". This experience is to help the participants to learn and upskill their interactions in several forms and forums, along with building a strong foundation, remove stage fear, have better command of the language, develop emotional abilities and improve their quality of life by providing work opportunities.

    Experience Beneficiaries
    Young adults in transition between Campus to Corporate and Professionals will benefit from this dynamically interactive and action-packed learning experience.

    This experience is a part of “Happy Skills”- a personality and skills developemt program for everyone to learn and upskill. This program and its modules are in sync with the guidance and recommendations of several national policy initiatives and global research recommendations. These include the NEP 2020, Delors Report, WHO Life Skills, OECD, P21, ACS, UNESCO Working Paper, World Economic Forum and CBSE 21st Century Skills Handbook. All rights reserved by Valurevolution

  • Trainer's Bio

    Sunil Tatkar is the founder of Valurevolution - recognized by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry for Education & Skilling. He is a military boarding school alumnus and a 1990 mechanical engineer graduate from VJTI, Mumbai.

    Sunil as over 30+ years of experience as a professional and entrepreneur in varied functional roles across several business and technology enterprises. Sunil is also a ...Read More

  • Batch Details

    Batch No. Days Timings Age Group
    1 Sunday,Saturday 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM 5-17yrs, 18-35yrs, 36-55yrs
  • Pre-requisites :

    Minimum 10 learners need to be registered in a batch. Good quality internet connectivity with an audio-video device that can join into live interactive sessions