3 Steps To Be Happily Skilled INR 2000.00

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    23 July 2022
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    23 July 2022
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    In this experience, you will:
    + Evaluate Your Skills Status
    + Determine Your Skills Gap
    + Learn Ways To Be Happily Skilled

    The 3 Steps To Be Happily Skilled, draws immensely from curated global research. You get to evaluate your present skills status across four categories - Cognitive, Social, Technological and Physical Skills. The experience helps to determine your skills gap, for future industry needs. You get to know, simple, effective ways to bridge your skills gap, to be happily skilled. To book your online or offline experience, contact us now!

    In a fast paced 21st century, our work life can be about encountering topsy-turvy disruptions, and skillfully tackling them for desirable happy outcomes. Teenagers, young adults are not prepared and skilled enough to be industry ready for making a smooth transition into the world of work. Experienced professionals too can find themselves outdated for skills in demand!

    In this experience, you will learn and experience a three step simplified to-do to be happily skilled and to be industry ready.

    Here's why this course will be of value to you:

    1. You will be able to methodically identify your happily effective skills. Happy skills are the skills you have acquired over the years that you enjoy executing. Effective skills are those that are valued by others and fetch you a tangible reward from others upon their execution.

    2. You will be able to deeply comprehend and understand your present skills status by juxtaposing them with several global benchmarks that showcase the perceived importance of skills (and categories) today and their expected future demand. Thoughtful comparison of your skills status will provide you with an accurate assessment of your three-dimensional skills gap.

    3. You will be able to learn ways to build and bridge your own skills gap. There are tons of offline and online ways available for you to execute this in the 21st century that has opened an opportunity for everyone to be increasingly connected, communicable and collaborative. You will get to know about one for sure!

    Below is a recently published article you can ready. It will aid your decision to experience this 2 hours of intense investment for your own time and effort for your own self-development. Look forward!


  • Trainer's Bio

    Sunil Tatkar is the founder of Valurevolution - recognized by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry for Education & Skilling. He is a military boarding school alumnus and a 1990 mechanical engineer graduate from VJTI, Mumbai.

    Sunil as over 30+ years of experience as a professional and entrepreneur in varied functional roles across several business and technology enterprises. Sunil is also a ...Read More

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    Batch No. Days Timings Age Group
    1 Saturday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 18-35yrs
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    Minimum 5 learners need to be registered in a batch. Good quality internet connectivity with an audio-video device can join in live interactive sessions with paper, pen or pencil to write.