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    It is going to be a 30 minutes session every Monday to Friday. We cover 100+ exercises in the span of four week. If you join this, you get one week free i.e total five weeks.
    Pay for 4 weeks and get 1 week free !

    Week 1
    Monday - Forehead Wrinkles
    Tuesday - Dark Circles and Puffiness
    Wednesday - Double Chin
    Thursday - Slimmer Face
    Friday - Posture Exercises

    Week 2
    Monday - Neck Strengthening
    Tuesday - Smooth Forehead
    Wednesday - Lip Wrinkles
    Thursday - Anti Ageing
    Friday - Posture Exercises

    Week 3
    Monday - Acne and Pigmentation
    Tuesday - Eye Health
    Wednesday - Laughing Lines / Nasolabial Folds
    Thursday - Face Fat
    Friday - Posture Exercises

    Week 4
    Monday - Lower Face
    Tuesday - Eye Wrinkles
    Wednesday - Ears and Scalp
    Thursday - Skin Tightening
    Friday - Posture Exercises

  • Trainer's Bio

    Introducing the soul behind "FACE YOGA WITH NAINA", Naina Goyal!

    Naina is fearless, opportunist and joyful as a person. Ac cording to her, Face Yoga is that miracle which we are un aware of. When she started her journey, as a student, she got spellbound by the way. this beautiful learning was bringing about a positive change in her life. Not only did she master the art of Face Yoga, she also ma ...Read More

  • Batch Details

    Batch No. Days Timings Age Group
    1 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM All ages
    2 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM All ages
  • Pre-requisites :

    Good internet connectivity